How many cups of coffee in a gallon?

How many cups of coffee in a gallon?

Do you know how many cups of coffee are in a gallon?

It’s tough to do the math in your head, especially when you’re trying to make more coffee.

We’ve got you covered. Just enter how many cups of coffee you want to make into our calculator, and we’ll tell you how many gallons of water you need.

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how many cups of coffee in a gallon

how many cups of coffee in a gallon

How many cups of coffee in a gallon?

How many cups of coffee in a gallon?

How many cups of coffee in a gallon?

Gallons Cups
1 US fluid gallon 16 US cups
1 US dry gallon 18.6 US cups
1 Imperial gallon 18.18 metric cups
1 gallon of water 16 cups
1 gallon of milk 16 cups
1 gallon of coffee 20 cups of coffee beans
½ gallon of water 8 cups
½ gallon of milk 8 cups
½ gallon of coffee 8 cups

How many people can 1 gallon of coffee serve?

Amount to serve:

  • Coffee is an important part of any meeting. For every person in attendance, provide one gallon of regular coffee.
  • A Starbucks coffee for every 75 attendees will be provided.

    We will provide a Starbucks coffee for every 75 guests.

  • A gallon of hot water can be used to make tea for 100 people.
  • The group will receive soft drinks and bottled water for 25% of the group.


  • 1 gallon fills 21 6-oz cups
  • 1 gallon fills 16 8-oz cups
  • 1 gallon fills 10 12-oz cups
  • Some hotels will allow you to order half-gallons of water.
  • To reduce your carbon footprint, order bottled water and soft drinks on consumption instead of buying them packaged. This will help to reduce the amount of packaging that is used and wasted.

How much coffee do I need for 20 people?

How much coffee do I need for 20 people?

How much coffee do I need for 20 people?

Percolated Coffee

When hosting a large gathering, coffee is essential. A percolator can make more than one pot of coffee, and can hold up to 25 people. If you’re planning a brunch, dinner or dessert gathering, be sure to bring along a percolator!

Number of People Roast & Ground Coffe Amount of Water Required Brewing Device
10 1/2 cup 6-1/2 cups Traditional Coffee Maker
20 1 cup To brew double strength coffee, use 6.5 cups of grounds and add 7 cups of boiling water. Traditional Coffee Maker
30 2 cups (about 1/2 pkg.) 24 cups (added to a percolator)* Percolating Urn

*Percolator Directions: Fill the coffee urn with water and place the coffee in the basket. Turn on the machine and allow it to percolate for at least 1 hour. The light will turn on when it’s ready, and the machine will stop automatically when brewed coffee is done.

Drip Coffee for a Crowd

Tips for Brewing the Best Coffee

Maxwell House Coffee is available in three different strengths and flavors. Choose the strength and flavor that you prefer, and follow our brewing instructions for perfect coffee every time.

  • Use fresh coffee.
  • Drink plenty of fluids, especially fresh water, to avoid getting sick.

    Drink plenty of cold, fresh water – preferably filtered water – to avoid getting sick.

  • Coffee brewers that are free of lime buildup can be easily cleaned by running a pot of vinegar and water through the machine, followed by a pot of only water to rinse.
  • To keep the coffee’s flavor and texture, transfer it to a thermal carafe.

How to Store…

After opening the new container of coffee, transfer it to a tightly sealed storage container and store it in a cool, dry place to preserve its full flavor characteristics.

How many cups of coffee do you get from a pound of coffee?

There is a general rule that states the higher the coffee-to-water ratio, the fewer cups of coffee you can make per pound of beans. This holds true for espresso, where one ounce is equivalent to eight ounces in terms of how many servings can be made from it. However, because espresso is measured in 1-ounce cups rather than 8-ounce cups, you can make more servings using its name number of beans.

To calculate the amount of coffee you can brew with your beans, start by multiplying the number of ounces of coffee beans you have by the second number in your coffee-to-water ratio. For instance, if you’re using a drip machine and want to brew about 34 cups of coffee, multiply 16 ounces of coffee beans by 1:17 (the recommended water to Coffee bean ratio for drip machines). Then divide that figure—34 cups—by 8 (the amount in an ounce), which results in 3.4 cups per pound.

Drip Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee pouring

If you’re craving a cup of coffee, make sure to use a drip machine. For every 17 parts of water, you’ll need one part coffee. This yields 34 cups of coffee per pound or 270 ounces in total. If you drink one cup of coffee per day, that’s over a month’s worth!


Hario Buono kettle review

Brewers who use pour-over methods typically use a 1:17 ratio, though this can be adjusted to taste or according to the brewer’s specific needs. This ratio is the same as that of drip coffee makers, so you can make 34 cups of coffee from a single pound of beans.

Espresso Machine

double espresso
Image credit: Unsplash

Espresso is a high-concentration coffee, so you need a very high coffee to water ratio (1:2) to make it. If you have a pound of coffee beans, you can make about 32 ounces of regular espresso.

French Press

French press pouring coffee

If you’re using a French press, start with a ratio of 1:12 or one part coffee to 12 parts water. With a pound of coffee beans, you can make 150 ounces of coffee. That’s about 19 cups of French press coffee per pound of beans.

Cold Brew

Coffee Bros. cold brew

Cold brew concentrate also has a high coffee-to-water ratio (1:5). This means that you can make 80 ounces using a pound of beans, or 10 cups. However, keep in mind that this is concentrated coffee, so you may need to water it down. How much water you add is up to your own taste preferences, but you may be able to make up to 20 cups of cold brew from the pound of beans.

How long can coffee sit for after it’s been brewed?

How long can coffee sit for after it's been brewed?

How long can coffee sit for after it’s been brewed?

The shelf life of coffee beans is different from the expiration date on pre-ground coffee. The storage temperature does make a difference. Once brewed, coffee will last for about two hours in the fridge before it starts to lose flavor.

Whole Beans

Whole bean coffee is the longest lasting of all. It’s important to grind only what you’ll need for brewing, as whole beans should be used within three or four weeks.

Ground Coffee

To get the most consistent results, Grind only the amount of coffee necessary for daily use. If you purchase pre-ground beans, it’s important to store them in a cool and dry place for two weeks after opening.

Brewed Coffee

Drink up! Once brewed, your cup of joe should be consumed as soon as possible if you’re keeping it at room temperature. Brewed coffee can be stored for three to four days in the refrigerator.

Instant Coffee

Do not drink instant coffee if you want to preserve its flavor.

If you open a can of instant coffee that has been sitting around for more than two weeks, the flavor will start to fade.


How many cups of coffee in a gallon? This may seem like an odd question, but it’s actually quite relevant to those in the business world. The answer is that there are about 128 cups of coffee in a gallon. If you’re looking for ways to save on your next purchase of coffee or other beverages, knowing this information can help. Keep this number in mind the next time you go shopping for drinks!


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